Feb 26, 2012

Have a wonderful sunny weekend cause mine will be...



I am so sorry for not posting anything this weekend or even the possibility of the next few days...
I'm full of master final projects for this week, so I need all my free time!

Wish you all an amazing weekend!!

Feb 24, 2012

Ohh you pretty things!!

These girls just made me want to go back to sneakers! 
I have to confess that when I saw them for the first time a while ago they didn't really get my attention but I'm starting to love them and for a confy look they're perfect! 
They are Isabel Marant' sneakers and you may have seen them lately in some celebs like Miranda Kerr, Anne Hathaway and in Beyonce's "Love on Top" music video and the italian blogger Chiara.



They have been causing a lot of different opinions between bloggers and fashionistas mainly for being big.
They can be big but they're also stylist, they have a hidden-heel (reason why) and velcro strap details.
They also may be priced around 750€ (more than some Louboutin's) but now you can even find them on sale, here! They're 65% off!

Come on, aren't they gorgeus??
Which ones are your favorite?

Feb 22, 2012

NYFW | DKNY, DVF and Tommy Hilfiger


The collection was inspired by the Beat Generation. Black was the main color but there was several smart looks like a little leather skirtsuit (one of my favorites!) or a boxy wool jacket with leather sleeves over narrow, creased trousers as well as great accessories. One of the perfect moments in the runway, the models barely wore makeup - really simple! - and side ponytails!


Diane von Furstenberg

Rendezvous was the name choosen to her Fall show. "It's about seduction", she said.
Her trend colors are brighters and prints were a hit to the show. Long-sleeve top and pencil skirts are something that it's still not enough with her collection.
I'm leaving you some of my favorite pieces from the next Fall collection.


Tommy Hilfiger

His inspiration were Town and Country and that something we can see really clearly on the runway!
One of the best parts of the show was remixing the various elements of the upper-class equestrienne's world. The quilted suede of a field jacket was fashioned into a slyly sexy skirt with a semi-attached panel of colored leather. Fisherman's cables were printed on silk dresses, and an actual cable-knit sweater came trimmed with quilted suede on the shoulders and little buckles at the sleeves. A trio of scarf-printed dresses with bridle motifs that had a loose, seventies sex appeal. (source: style.com)


Spring Trend | Floral pants

Acabei de me aperceber que o meu Patterns Board no Pinterest está cheio destas calças... Está-me a parecer que virão umas destas cá para casa... São giríssimas e dão uma frescura e ânimo ao look!

 Printed Pants Party 


The whole post in english at the end! =)

Mas cuidado que o uso das mesmas requer alguma atenção quando pensarem na conjugação.

- Uma das possíveis conjugações que não tem nada que enganar é um top/camisa de cor lisa com uma das cores principais das calças que não compromete ou o branco ou preto para quem tiver mais receio em arriscar, e com uns acessórios - não arrisquem em coisas muito extravagantes, keep it simple!
- Riscas também será uma óptima opção de escolha ou então como podemos observar numa das imagens com uma peça também estampada, mas com algo extra liso para cortar um pouco os "demasiados" estampados.
- Ainda vai a dica com as respectivas alturas, se forem mais baixinhas escolham um padrão mais pequeno e o contrário para quem for mais alta com um design de grande escala.
- Blazers são sem dúvida algo muito fácil de conjugar para manter um pearly look em dias mais frescos.

Ah, e claro escolham preferencialmente umas calças com cores que possam facilmente conjugar com aquilo que já têm no vosso guarda-roupa! Será mais fácil e poderão ainda poupar algum dinheirinho para comprar outra coisa! =)

Podem encontrar em.../ You can find at...

- Moschino (left), Stradivarius (right)

love moschino floral pants! 

- Zara


- Massimo Dutti


- Nelly

- Romwe (left) and Citizens of Humanity (right)

Flower Print Narrow Leg Pants     Citizens of Humanity 

Podem usar assim: / You can wear like this:

How to Wear Floral Pants 
How to Wear Floral Pants
How to Wear Floral Pants
How to Wear Floral Pants

Dica extra: Para quem tem maior receio, vai a dica de experimentarem em casa quando estiverem mais confys e sem qualquer stress, como o daquele que temos quando nos precisamos de despachar! =)

I recently found out that my Pinterest Patterns Board is full of this pants... And I'm thinking that there's some of them coming home with me... They're totally cute and gives to the look some freshness and cheer!

But be careful... Try to keep it simple when you're coordinating. 

- You can wear it with a solid color in the top or shirt like black or white or one of the main colors from the pants and with some accessories - but go easy on it!
- Stripes are also a great choice or maybe another print as we can see in the pictures but then wear it with something solid to keep things a little soft.
- If you're small, you'll want to go with a smaller pattern and if you're tall, you can get away with a bolder, large-scale design. Either way, pick a color that can easily blend into your current wardrobe and so you can save your money! =)
- Blazers are the pieces that you can also wear for a pealy look in colder days.

Extra tip: For the girls who have greatest fear, try it at home when you're more confy and no stress, like the moment when we're in a hurry! =)

Feb 21, 2012

Last Crush | Antigona by Givenchy

So, I'm here to present you one of my last crushes! Antigona by Givenchy! It's just perfect! BEAUTIFUL! I'm starting to think that I have a problem with Givenchy cause I still love the Givenchy Nightingale one... And now this one too... OG! I wasn't handling with one, now two?! It's not fair Givenchy!
Oh... How I wish you were here with me side by side! But there's just one tiny little problem... The medium size costs 1.235€!! So I don't want to know the bigger one price.... Well, I think I'm still gonna dream with "her" and these next pictures.




Apenas algumas celebridades que também a adoram como eu!
Just some celebs that also love it!

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