Feb 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

Eli Manning - NY Giants quarterback

Yesterday was a day full of party and celebrations! First my mom's b-day which was fantastic with all the family together and joy we had and then it was Super Bowl day!!! NFL biggest game!
Since I went to NY I got even more fanatic for their sports maybe because of the spirit they live in each play! It's amazing! You can't be sad in a game! They're all friends, joke together, have fun together, big hot-dogs, big cokes, everything is big and bigger! It's pretty incredible! Nothing compared to Portugal sports, in european football it's pretty intense, nerves growing faster, people live it more in a different way in the stadiums and sometimes you have to take care depending on the big game. 

So last night it was Super Bowl and at my place we watched and recorded the game (in Portugal showed at 11pm - kinda late for someone who has to work next day...) from the beginning! My favorite part is the National Anthem actually, even I really enjoy to watch american football. I'm starting to know the game rules! It wasn't my first Super Bowl's game so I'm kinda used to everything that happens during the air-time.

This year was the time for New York Giants and New England Patriots to play the 46th match in Indianapolis, IN!

Here, I'm leaving you some pictures from the game and the half-time performed by Madonna! What a show, seriously!! Is she more than 50??? Awesome!

Tom Brady (quarterback from NE Patriots),
even after the loss he's still hot! Lucky Gisele! =)

Half-time Break: 
Madonna with Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Ce Lo Green

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton (opening song - America the Beautiful)
Kelly Clarkson (National Anthem)

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN

Celebrations in Times Square, NY #1

Celebrations in Times Square, NY #2

For more pictures, check My Sweet Pearls facebook

It was for sure a big and fun night for everyone here and there!

Have you seen the big game?


  1. i'll confess! i missed a lot of the game (i was... ummm.. eating. haha) but i always tune in for all the songs & entertainment! xx

  2. Great pictures. Madonnas still rocks :) x

  3. Madonna was amazing!

  4. madge looked amaze, wasn't that keen on the whole half time performance tho.. X


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