Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

From a couple of years ago since I first experienced a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with native americans, this day became very special for me!
Since then, in my house we're celebrating just like it was... Perfect! It really was a dinner that thouched me. All that spirit, happiness, share, union, everyone around the table having our moment, eating turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin bread, green beans... oh, so many things! It was so amazing that I want to repeat that moment and feelings every year! The best part... give thanks after dinner for everything we're thankful for on that year that we just went through, for what we are, have and what we achieved!
After I told my family how it was, they were really impressed and loved the meaning and so we're celebrating it! Everybody loves it!

It's a day that we share and enjoy with our family a great dinner, amazing decoration! It's a family night! It's our first Christmas of the year!

Well, in Portugal we don't celebrate this holiday as well as in almost every country (only in USA, Canada and I think some other countries in America but not in the same day), so we don't have the day-off from work and school and so we do have to work all day and we also don't have the amazing Black Friday. So, for us in time it's a little complicated but I believe that if we really like and enjoy this holiday, we always make an effort to make it the best! And so in my house, we start preparing Thanksgiving Dinner in the previous day with all the desserts. Me and my mom in the kitchen cooking and baking all those wonderful things for the next day while planning the evening just like Christmas in Portugal! Maybe, some of you might ask why do I celebrate this american things? But, I always had a connection with the american culture! It's so magical for me!! =)

But, does anybody knows what this holiday means? It's not only about food and american things that a lot of people can think. It's more than that... you can check the story here, it's beautifull but also a sad story. That's where it came all the tradition.

Ok, but maybe you're asking how do I celebrate Thanksgiving??

You can always check how was my first Thanksgiving here. A tip... it had Macy's Parade! Evertime I remember that day... it was so amazing!!

Tonight, this will be the menu...

Roasted turkey
Sweet Potatoes Casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Bread (also made for today's breakfast)
Pumpkin Pie

Tomorrow, more pictures about the day or you can also check my twitter account!

But, I leave you some from inspiration! I take so many ideas for the table decor from this pictures!! =)

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Sorry for the length of this post...
Hope you liked it!

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